Friday, 27 February 2015

Hooray for The Daily Mail! A New Level of Stupid every day.

This is going to be brief.

The last few months have truly set a bench mark for the stories the tabloid press will sell as "paranormal". I wrote about a few here and here and here. These were all pretty bad. Today's story in the Mail surpasses all of them for sheer inanity and stupidity.

It clearly shows that anything, literally anything could be labelled "paranormal" and sold to The Mail and most of the other tabloids. Brace yourself for this: A TODDLER FELL OVER!

Shocking I know! Take a look at this video and decide how unusual you think this incident is.

Now, do we REALLY need to recourse to the supernatural to explain this?

Here'e the article, I don't have to link to because there is so little text I can happily repeat without worrying about you getting bored:

"This home video shows the eerie moment a one-year-old girl was pulled to the ground by a mysterious unseen force.
Lexi Hood was playing peek-a-boo with her father, Gareth, and mother, Charlene, 31, at home in Bridgend, Wales, when she was suddenly knocked to the ground.
Mr Hood, 35, said his daughter, who he described as 'sturdy on her feet', said 'naughty boy' as if she was telling someone off.

He added that strange creaking sounds had been heard in the house ever since.
The clip, taken while the family was watching a film three weeks ago, shows Lexi standing in front of the TV with her hands over her eyes. "

That's it. 112 words. This isn't a news story. Its nothing.

Well nothing except an insult to journalism. And an insult to Mail readers. AND an insult to people who may actually believe in ghosts. Believers in the paranormal aren't stupid, I say that even though I don't happen to agree with an on most paranormal subjects and I often think that they ignore important elements of their belief.

There's no doubt they need to be more discerning, and stop sharing BULLSHIT like this.

I give you an explanation of this video in under 112 words.

"Toddlers are just getting accustoming to walking. Their heads are proportionally much larger than their bodies, their legs are weak. No toddler is "steady on their feet", this means they sometimes struggle to balance. And when they lose their balance, they stumble and occasionally fall. That's what we see here."

There 49 words. Done.

If you believe in the paranormal and ghosts in particular, please think before you share "what does this say about me and my beliefs?" If you must visit the site, use DO NOT LINK, don't give them the hits, because that's all these stories are Click Bait. And if you do visit the site, search the video and watch it YouTube, that way the Mail, or The Mirror doesn't get the advertising revenue.

And if we all started doing that, watch how fast this bullshit dries up.


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  2. To be fair, gravity IS a mysterious unseen force. But paranormal it ain't.

  3. Nothing paranormal about a toddler falling over cuz that's what they do!Its normal but Not Paranormal!!!!

  4. Amy bruni I just wanted to say i totally agree with you on this topic and just wanted to say that I hope you remember me you had replied to my comment about my son passing away due to his Rubinstein syndrome, I also have to say your right a toddler is very normal to fall over but there's nothing paranormal about that clip at all!much Love from your fan Cristal <3