Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Don't get your Hampton Court.

The Daily Mirror reports today Holly Hampsheir,12, has captured the image of the Grey Lady of Hampton court, Dame Sybil Penn, as she photographed cousin Brook. It appears that Penn has had a make-over, perhaps inspired by watching the Woman in Black or Insidious.

 The Mirror insists that the photograph has been examined by "an expert" who claims it is genuine. No mother details, such as this expert's name or qualifications, are given nor is he/she directly quoted.

While the photo may not display any immediately obvious signs of fakery there are some interesting inconsistencies within the story: Holly's second name is given as Hampsheir in the text, yet the photographs are label Holly Mcgee. The photographs are also labelled "PAY-HOLLY-MCGEE". Forgive the cynicism, but there's your motive right there too.

Perhaps more relevant is the fact that Holly's mum, Angie, is quoted as follows:
“ I was speechless. There was no one else in that room and she’s floating through the rope. Those ropes were alarmed.”
Firstly these don't appear to be the type of ropes that would be alarmed, they appear to be bog-standard ropes that delineate where tourists are, and are not allowed to walk. Also the ghost does not appear to passing through the rope at all. In fact it appears very in-transparent, none of the scenery behind the ghost is visible through the image. The orientation and positioning of the Grey lady seems out of sync with the picture, almost as if its a flat image inserted into the picture at a later point.

Angie claim that the girls were alone in the room also appears false. The image above clearly shows a shadow of someone facing Brooke in the doorway of the room.

This second image seemingly shows someone else with a camera bag, at the left edge of the picture:

Surely these two individuals would of been in prime place to see this "ghost"?

The second picture also highlights another flaw the the girl's story: Both claim that they sensed nothing on the day, and it was only later when they checked the photos that they discovered the Grey Lady.If this is the case why is Brook staring back at the EXACT spot where the ghost would appear in the first picture? Why was the second snap taken at all? Its from the virtually the same position and angle as the first.

Mark Smith of NGI, Nothern Ghost Investigations, made the interesting observation: the ghost seems to be a composite of Brook's hair and the jacket of the wellington boot wearing individual on the right of the second picture:

He adds that this effect can be caused when an iPhone is set to "panoramic" and two objects pass through its field of view.

Its telling that the Mirror chose to omit this second picture.

Of course none of this is conclusive, but that is why "ghost" photography will never be adequate evidence of the paranormal. Fakery is too easy, and too profitable.

Yep,  Mick West at Metabunk has confirmed what Mark stated. Here is his demonstration:

To see more and you absolutely should, visit him here

Fantastic job by Mick & Mark. Well done to both of you.

I'd say this is case closed.


  1. First of all, the Mirror is a joke.

    Second, to further your argument, I decided to look into rope barriers that are alarmed (I've never seen one so I was curious). The company whose product catalog I looked at - EquiCross - has only one type of alarmed barrier system and it's a fabric ribbon that actually has the word 'ALARMED' on it. That's not what the rope in the photos provided by the Mirror look like to me.

    Lastly, I always thought the Lady in Grey was called such because her "form" was that of a grey blob. *shrugs* Whatevs. Lol

  2. The first ghost picture I ever saw was of the Grey Lady walking down those stairs. Guess she got modern on us! lol